True Wealth: How and Why Millions of Americans are Creating a Time-rich, Ecologically Light, Small-scale, High-satisfaction Economy

Schor, J. B. (2011). True wealth: How and why millions of Americans are creating a time-rich, ecologically light, small-scale, high-satisfaction economy. Penguin.

Sociologist Juliet B. Schor has thought for a long time about how we can leave the trap of working very long hours for paying the raising bills for things we do not really need to impress people we may not even like. In True Wealth, she extends her perspective by engaging with the ecological crisis and suggests that we rethink how we consume and the way we live. Juliet B. Schor rejects a common objection which claims that alternative ways of production and consumption are equal to sacrificing a “good” life. Instead, she illuminates how social innovations and new technology combine in ways that enrich our lives beyond consumption and help to protect the planet, at the same time. Her examples are urban farmers, do-it-yourself producers, and others who work in local communities toward a world rich in time, creativity, and solidarity.

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