Research talks

Listen to authors speak about their research projects and papers regarding ways of building a sustainable future.

Ashwin, S., Oka, C., Schüßler, E., Alexander, R., & Lohmeyer, N. (2019). Spillover effects across transnational industrial relations agreements: The potential and limits of collective action in global supply chains. ILR Review. In print.

Collective Action on Living Wages

In this video, Sarah Ashwin and Elke Schüßler explain the formation of a collective initiative to provide living wages to garment workers – the Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT) initiative. They analyze how garment brands and global unions learned to cooperate through interacting in other private governance contexts.

Djelic, M. L., & Etchanchu, H. (2017). Contextualizing corporate political responsibilities: Neoliberal CSR in historical perspective. Journal of Business Ethics142(4), 641-661.

Contextualizing CSR

In this video, Marie-Laure Djelic talks about her paper coauthored with Helen Etchanchu about the need to contextualize CSR the better understand interactions between business and society

Barberá-Tomás, D., Castelló, I., De Bakker, F. G., & Zietsma, C. (2019). Energizing through visuals: How social entrepreneurs use emotion-symbolic work for social change. Academy of Management Journal, 62(6), 1789-1817.

Emotion Symbolic Work to Foster Difficult Change

In this video, David Barberá-Tomás, Itziar Castello, Frank de Bakker and Charlene Zietsma explain how anti-plastic social entrepreneurs use shocking symbols, then convert negative emotions to positive ones to energize people to avoid plastic pollution.

With gratitude and video credit to Chris Jordan, see (used by permission).

Gümüsay, A. A., Claus, L., & Amis, J. (2020). Engaging with Grand Challenges: An Institutional Logics Perspective. Organization Theory1(3), in print. (Click on image to go to video)

Institutional Logics and Grand Challenges

In this short video, Ali Gümüsay talks about his recent article coauthored with Laura Claus and John Amis on how the institutional logics perspective can contribute to research on and engagement with grand challenges

Amengual, M., Distelhorst, G., & Tobin, D. (2019). Global purchasing as labor regulation: The missing middle. ILR Review, in print.
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Responsible Purchasing Practices

In this podcast on Rocking our Priors, Matt Amengual talks with Alice Evans about his research on how lead firms’ purchasing practices impact on labor standards in global supply chains.

Djelic, M. L. (2008). Sociological studies of diffusion: is history relevant? Socio-Economic Review6(3), 538-557.

Understanding the Diffusion of Neoliberalism

A longer lecture by Marie-Laure Djelic on the diffusion of economic and management concepts using the example of neoliberal think tanks

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