Navigating between dystopia and utopia

“Since about 500 years BC, we know that “No man ever steps in the same river twice” (Heraclitus). As ubiquitous change ever might be, however, it has always been challenging to explain, predict or enact societal change. The dialectics of societal change seem to imply that a readiness for change is inextricably linked to theContinue reading “Navigating between dystopia and utopia”

Reimagining conferencing – Organizing the #OSSW20 Sustainably

Since 2006, the journal Organization Studies – one of the key journals in the field of management research – runs an annual summer workshop devoted to exploring a particular theme capturing current theoretical developments in organization studies, often in relation to relevant empirical phenomena. Recent examples were “Food Organizing Matters” or “Spirituality, Symbolism, and Storytelling”.Continue reading “Reimagining conferencing – Organizing the #OSSW20 Sustainably”